Passion, Play, Color and Enlighten

Passion, Play, Color,
and Enlighten

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Want to have some fun?  Inspire yourself? Create a whole new environment in your home and / or office?  Bring passion and life into your interiors? Create more natural light and beauty in your living and working spaces?  Brand your office or business so it speaks to “you and your company” or to your clients? You can accomplish this with color. The right color schemes provide profound inspiration in the home, office and in commercial interiors. It’s hot, fashionable, and an affordable way to make a drab space eye-catching. 

Today’s colors are cross-cultural, inspired by the green movement, nature, technology, fashion, food, values and beliefs. The bright sultry colors of the far East, Latin America and the Caribbean are often combined with nature’s neutrals. No color is wrong. The possibilities are endless. What matters is that the tones work together. You can do cool colors with warm, bold with neutral, try for monochromatic, or combine bright and bold - as long as they all work with one another.

The art of balance and harmony that functions in interior (and exterior) planning and design also functions in the world of color.  Color isn’t an exact science, so what works in one room may not work in another. All of the elements of a room affect the appearance of a color.  How many times have you seen a color in your friend’s house, a favorite restaurant or café, or in your local paint store that you think looks great - only to have it look completely different in your home or office? Colors need to be chosen in the exact environment where they are going to be painted. Light, whether natural or artificial, can affect colors. That being said, each environment has different light, so don’t rely on what you see in other places. 

A professional color consultant can not only help you to choose the perfect colors, but can also help to create a distinct and unique look for your environment - one that expresses your individuality and personality. If beginning with a completely blank “canvas” of a room with no particular furnishings, accessories or art to work around, then anything can go. This presents the perfect opportunity to come up with a new image and statement. For those with established homes or businesses, a color consultant can help you choose colors that can simultaneously create new excitement in the room and bring out the colors in your existing items, making them more visually appealing. 

If you want to accentuate an architectural feature of a room, color is a wonderful way to do that.  It can be used to focus and direct your eyes to your favorite and most dramatic art, bring out the colors in your upholstery, or create an illusion of greater light and space.

Color is just one part of the equation to creating a new look your home or office. Using redesign methods, often called “home makeovers”  in the popular interior fashion industry along with color, is the new and popular way to create quick and more affordable results than with traditional interior design. 

One-day interior home or office makeovers can be completed in your home using a professional redesign consultant who’ll work with you as a team to create a new look. I call it “instantaneous” design, and my clients and I have a lot of fun moving furniture, pulling out long-forgotten art, accessories and collectibles, rearranging furniture, hanging art and going from room to room finding hidden treasures that have become forgotten, misplaced or neglected.  With a fresh eye and my knowledge of interior design principles (harmony, balance, color, elements, textiles, trends, and spatial planning), we can work together to create a whole new look. 

It is truly a team effort to ensure that my clients’ expression of themselves will show in their home or office.  The client is the ultimate decision maker on what we use, what they want to emphasize, what’s comfortable, what colors they want in their environment, what style and image they want to project, their lifestyle and so on. I’m there to consult, give feedback, explain basic design principles, and give advice on what works and what doesn’t, all in the framework of what they want to express and feel.  I’m also there to motivate and evaluate.  Together, we are working to create art that is three dimensional and can be instantaneously changed! This process is what I like to call “Passion, Play, Color and Enlighten”. 

I love what I do, and, in a lot of ways, it is similar to creating a stage set for a drama, for it is your life script that we are sculpting and directing.  Sometimes we do a room at a time, while other time a client only wants to change a single room. It’s a process. We also may do color and redesign in the same day.  Other times, I may do color and then after the color is up on the walls I come back to help with redesign.  How we create is up to my clients and what works with their energy, time allowance, thought processes and so forth.  I become completely focused on whatever design project I’m involved with. It can be a very transcendental experience.  It’s very interactive and stimulating and brings joy and life to rooms, hearts and minds.  

Leslie Moore, owner of Color and Light Interiors, is a color consultant,  redesign specialist and interior designer. She’s a member of the Interior Design Society and the United Staging Association.  She currently works out of her design studio in Santa Rosa, California.  She’s been involved in design since her youth, and was an apprentice and associated at her mothers company, Alice Neiman Moore Interiors in San Carlos, California.

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